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January 24, 2007

How Training A Dog Is Like Massage

My husband and I adopted a dog from a local humane society. After three months of watching The Dog Whisperer on television and reading the book from the original Dog Whisperer, I started making connections regarding dog training to my massage practice. Cesar Millan talks about finding calm, assertive energy within yourself before addressing your dog under any circumstance.

In massage school, we were taught that intention in our work leads to better results. Clearing our mind before we walk into our practice room to work with a client is a must in order to create a secure space for healing to take place. I already do that, so shouldn't tapping into that quiet place with myself help me with training my dog. Unfortunately, there are certain things about having a dog that undo me. I lose that calm mental space whenever I get emotional about my dog eating out of the cat litter box or completely ignoring me and I must retreat for a while.

The concepts are there, but they are not always easy to implement. I've been in massage for over eight years, and I'm finally getting the hang of consistently creating a healing space for my clients. Dog training, like massage, takes practice, practice, practice.


Posted by linda at January 24, 2007 7:16 AM

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