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January 13, 2007

Two Week Follow Up To The Cleanse

I did a liver cleanse over the New Year's weekend and have noticed some interesting changes. I originally decided to do the cleanse mainly for increased energy and health. And while I did feel energized for several days and have a general sense of well-being, the most striking change is my decrease in appetite.

I have been blessed with a clear sense of having eaten enough, but this has been dampened down some with age. I grew up being part of the "clean plate club" which encourages so many of us to eat everything on our plate even though we are sated. Stress also has encouraged me to crave sweets since my thirties, in a way that I never did in my twenties. The most significant effect I have seen from the cleanse is the return of sense of "ugh, I can't eat anymore" and push away from the table. Also, the tin of butter cookies in the break room at work is simply a tin of butter cookies and not some siren-like foodstuff that calls to me between massages. They still taste good, but the temptation they presented before is gone.

I will update my observations about the cleanse after one month to see if there has been any changes in my migraine headache frequency or moderation in PMS symptoms.


Posted by linda at January 13, 2007 8:16 AM

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