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April 27, 2007

New Shoes

I try to replace my work shoes about once every six months (or sooner if my feet, legs, or low back starts to hurt--I've actually had a pair of shoes wear out in six weeks). This, by the way, is a deductible business expense under the category of a work uniform.

My last pair of shoes stayed comfortable for longer than usual. So, when I started wearing my new pair of shoes, I was woken in the night with a throbbing sensation in my left thigh just above my knee. Something in the twilight fog of my sleeping brain made an association with my low back. But it was the days following that proved that the change in my footwear coincided with my leg pain.

Medial to my left knee and at the tibial tuberosity, the connective tissue became quite uncomfortable. It was sharp upon palpation and bruised feeling with massage. I remembered my nocturnal discomfort and palpated until I found the tender area in the thigh. Given the attachment site and location in the leg, I decided it was the sartorius muscle. I rubbed the area and all pain sensation in the medial knee and insertion site disappeared, but only temporarily. Tightness descended into the medial crus following the relief at the knee.

After a week of discomfort, which had progressed to limping following inactivity, I saw one of my peers. I explained my plight, she palpated the area and found a knot in the muscle much the way I had. We decided to examine a trigger point chart. Much to my surprise, the trigger point matched with one on vastus medialis. My therapist worked not only the trigger point, but the whole leg and foot. I am happy to report that my pain has cleared away completely.

And the new shoes are working out just fine.

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Posted by linda at April 27, 2007 11:45 AM

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