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May 4, 2007

An Interesting Craniosacral Case

One of my clients who reads my blog came in yesterday to discuss their migraine headaches. The more I work with people, I realize that every migraine headache is unique to that individual. Sure they share many characteristics among sufferers, but each manifestation of the headache is different. This clients' headaches always strike in the frontal region above the center of the brow line.

This client had been involved in an automobile accident three years prior. The impact was enough to set off the airbag and it struck them in the nose. Their migraines developed after the accident which led me to think immediately of craniosacral therapy. Airbags detonate with enough force to kill some people (300 km/h). So it is not out of the question that there was enough force behind the impact to affect the nasal bones, most significantly the ethmoid bone. To review anatomy, the ethmoid bone has a prominence on the superior surface called the crista galli which is an attachment point for the dura mater. It's position in the head is right where this client gets their headache.

I began using craniosacral techniques immediately to address their headaches. While I worked with the nasal bones and nasolacrimal bones, I had a hard time getting anything to move. I recognize that I will need to review the facial bone techniques from my second craniosacral class to figure out how to work all the bones necessary to accomplish a complete resolution of the problem.


Posted by linda at May 4, 2007 8:16 AM

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