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May 15, 2007

Massage Success Radio

Massage Success Radio is a weekly podcast that interviews successful massage therapists. If you are unfamiliar with podcasts, a podcast is a radio program you can download or stream through your computer or mp3 player.

Topics covered on this week's episode of Massage Success Radio include massage therapist Luata Bray's advice on:

* Once she gets a new client in the door, what she does to keep them coming back.

* What marketing materials she uses (this might surprise you!)

* The single biggest thing she has ever done to get massage clients.

* The 3 skills or qualities that she feels have most led to her success.

* If she was starting out again today with what she knows now, what would she do to build a massage practice.

* Her advice for new therapists just graduating from massage school into today's competitive environment


Posted by linda at May 15, 2007 11:06 PM

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