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June 30, 2007

Massage And Hypertension

We are told in massage school to check with people about their blood pressure. The concern is that people with blood pressure issues may undergo significant changes in their blood pressure during massage. The risk comes when they get off the table. If they move too fast and get dizzy, they run the risk of falling and hurting themselves.

I have found in my clinical practice that massage actually is beneficial for high blood pressure. And while only one or two antecdotal stories does not make a case study, research trends do suggest that massage helps people with hypertension. A lovely article in Massage & Bodywork journal explains outlines the physiology, benefits and treatment of massage for hypertension.

From my practice, I know that once client who presented with blood pressure issues was on blood pressure medication, heartbeat regulating medicine, and anxiety medication. Within six weeks of getting regular weekly massage, their doctor reduced all of their medication by half and after 3 months was able to eliminate one and reduce the others by half again. After six month of regular massage, another medication was eliminated and their final blood pressure medication was reduced to the lowest level. They have been a regular devoted client of massage for over four years.


Posted by linda at June 30, 2007 7:21 AM

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