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August 31, 2007

A Client Self-Treats Spinal Cancer

One of my dear elderly clients has been diagnosed with spinal cancer. Based upon an MRI, there is a mass, but test after test has revealed inconclusive results. Not only that, his symptoms are inconsistent with spinal cancer. Whatever the mass, it has not changed or grown in quite a while. The doctors are suggesting no treatment at this time and are just watching it. I've reassured my client that I have heard plenty of stories about people living a very long time with cancers in their body.

My client is doing everything they can think of to prevent growth of their cancer. Along with massage for back pain and lower extremity issues, they drink an herbal concoction of their own making. They did all kinds of research about anti-cancer properties of herbs and drink a daily brew consisting of Essiac tea, cat's claw, and pav d'auco. They credit this drink with arresting the growth of their cancer (which they are not 100% sure it actually is a cancer). There's nothing like a plan of action and a good attitude to keep cancer patients healthy for a long time.


Posted by linda at August 31, 2007 7:01 AM

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