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August 28, 2007

An Addendum To Essential Oils

I recently mentioned working with a peer who is fond of essential oils (see August 15 entry). When she comes to see me, she has a satchel that contains several blends that she like me to use on her. This is fine with me (it sure beats the client who wanted me to use emu oil on them at my expense--$100 for 32 ounces!!). What I didn't consider is that some of these oils may stain. One which had a lovely woodsy smell came out of the bottle green and left several grass green spots on my sheets. I pretreated my sheets before I put them in the wash and luckily the spots came out.

What I did not expect was the effect the essential oils had on my other sheets when I washed them together. The entire wash load was fragranced with the smell of the essential oils that were on the sheets. It wasn't overwhelming, but the difference is noticeable enough that I think some my clients may comment on it. I've mentioned before that I'm a stickler for consistency in the details of my practice because I believe it creates trust for me with my clients. Since I believe this is a one-time incident and the essential oil will wash out with a second laundering, I'll simply explain if any questions come up.

But this leads me to another idea/suggestion for skunky massage sheets. If you have invested a good deal of money into your massage sheets the way I have, you don't want to have to throw them out because of rancid oil smells. Maybe, a drop of an essential oil (something light like lemon or bergomot) in each wash load could sweeten the smell of your sheets. Or, it you want to experiment with aromatherapy without overpowering your massage room, you could fragrance your sheets with essential oils. But don't overdo it, one drop is good, more may not be better--take it from someone who is sensitive to fragrances.

You could even categorize your sheets by fragrance. Pale purple sheets fragranced with lavender for people who have a headache or need calming. Pale green sheets fragranced with clary sage for stress and exhaustion. Yellow with lemon grass for stress and muscle aches, pink with peppermint for sinus headaches or for Christmas, taupe with sandlewood for depression. Have fun! Let me know what you come up with and how your clients react.


Posted by linda at August 28, 2007 7:28 AM

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