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August 29, 2007

Another Record Day

The laws of chaos have been hard at work. During the summer months, my practice has been inconsistent with several light weeks followed by a heavy week. Some days I have only one or two clients which reduces my income to below average for the week. However, one heavy work day that week will bring my income back up to average.

That's what happened last week when I had a day where I saw 9 people. How did I accomplish seeing that many people? Two days a week I work from 8am to 7pm (with and hour and a half lunch break). Six of the nine people scheduled that day had half hour sessions.
8am -- 1/2 hour
9am -- full hour
10:30am -- 1/2 hour
11:00am - 12:30pm -- lunch
12:30pm -- full hour
2:00pm -- 1/2 hour
3:00pm -- 1/2 hour
4:00pm -- full hour
5:30pm -- 1/2 hour
6:30pm -- 1/2 hour

Why there is so much inconsistency in the way a given week fills up, I don't know. Maybe it's the heat (we've had 13 consecutive days over 100 degrees), or maybe it's back to school season, or maybe there is a downturn in the economy.

Interestingly, five of the people I saw that day had a similar complaint--crick in the neck. I see this often when there is a major change in the weather. I suspect our heat wave may be responsible for many of these client complaints. Think about the intense temperature shift that occurs when a person, who may be slightly dehydrated, comes out of 102 degree temperatures into an air conditioned environment. There is a potential 30 degree temperature difference occurring several times a day. The body may react to this intense shift with muscle spasm.


Posted by linda at August 29, 2007 9:04 AM

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