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August 9, 2007

Healthy Travel Could Be A Life Saver

One of my clients is flying to Hawaii for vacation. A flight from the east coast to the Hawaiian islands will take about 9-1/2 hours. Their pre-flight massage was to work out shoulder and neck tension and sinus trouble.

Nobody wants to go on vacation with excess tension in their body. It's bad enough that loading and unloading heavy bags from the car to baggage claim can make your arms and back tired. The inevitable carry-on bags which can be quite heavy, especially if you carry enough water to ward off dehydration (and therefore jet lag), can make your shoulders ache. Massage can't prevent you from over-packing but it can do you a world of good once you reach your destination or once you come home from your vacation.

The prospect of getting on an airplane with messed up sinuses makes me shudder. I already have trouble with inner ear pain while adjusting to the changes in cabin pressure. Add a soupy mess of sinus congestion forced into the Eustachian tubes and breathing recirculated air of god-only-knows-what, and you have a recipe for being sick on your vacation. Using massage, craniosacral therapy, trigger point work and lymph drainage really gets the fluids moving out of the sinuses. I can tell it is working because people start swallowing a lot about half way through the treatment. Once they sit up for a minute or two (especially by the time they have gotten dressed) they can tell a real difference in how clear their sinuses have become. What is better is that the therapy continues to drain and clear the sinuses for about two hours following the treatment.

Flying can be fraught with hazards not only for your general comfort once you land, but also for your in-flight health. Some important tips to remember when on any airline flights is to keep hydrated and do in-seat exercises to help keep you fresh. On long flights, prolonged sitting may cause blood to pool in the legs. This pooling may put some people at risk for blood clots which can be life threatening if they break loose and travel through the body.


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