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August 21, 2007

Success Is In The Details (Part 1)

Massage is more than rubbing someone's back. The success of a massage practice relies, in many cases, on what the clients don't see. Consistency and discipline behinds the scenes is reflected in a more relaxed therapist who is perceived as stable and responsible. Consistency in appearance, actions, and attention to details serves to foster trust between the client and the therapist.

Many people believe that being self-employed means you can set your own hours, which is true to some extent. In reality, you need to figure out the client base you want to attract and make yourself available to them even if you do not have anyone booked for an appointment. That means being there to answer the phone or take customers who walk into a facility looking for service. It's boring and lonesome work, especially in the first two years when your book is not filled with customers, but if you stick with it and remain consistently available, your book will fill up quicker.

Self-employment does not mean you punch in at 8:00 and punch out at 5:00. In order for responsibilities not to interfere with customer service, tasks such as soap notes, recording expenditures, and laundry may be taken home or done after hours or on the weekend. Of course, time management plays an important role in how much work any employee has to take home. If you have holes in your massage schedule, take that time to do your behind the scenes activities and you'll be free to spend your off time doing what you want.

In the following days I will elaborate on ways to make the mundane tasks of a massage practice easier to manage so you can focus on your energies on the real reason you got into practice: your clients.


Posted by linda at August 21, 2007 7:52 AM

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