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April 10, 2008

Real Life Is Better Than What I Dreamed

I dreamed that when I got out of massage school that I would work in a rehab center in a hospital. Our lives landed in Alabama where the largest insurer in the state (BCBS) and budget-weary hospital administrators have bigger fish to fry than the little industry of massage therapy. So I went into private practice with an aim at "outcome-based" massage therapy.

As a result, I have wonderful clients I would never have seen had I worked in a hospital setting. I doubt those folks would be swapping books, movie reviews, music, recipes, their life stories and garden plants with me. Some have even tipped me for my services with thank-you cards, chocolates, baked goods and even farm fresh eggs.

Don't forget that the lives you touch today will have an impact far beyond that which you expect. One client credits me with saving their life. And while this compliment is an exaggeration, it is clear that they believe their life and their ability to walk and function relatively normally from week to week can be credited to massage therapy. Others claim that I have saved them from surgery. I don't know if this is true--their condition may have cleared up naturally with time. For the ones with chronic conditions, we both went into the agreement knowing we could not secure a "cure" but they credit massage with keeping them going, preventing early retirement, keeping them off disability or reliance on a wheelchair.

I never would have dreamed that these things were possible when I opened the doors to my own business eight years ago. I can only say that I'm grateful for the opportunity to help. And I am profoundly touched by the faith that my clients have had in me. It is their belief in me and my skills and judgment that has made massage a successful for me. Thank you all.


Posted by linda at April 10, 2008 9:29 AM

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