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May 20, 2008

Exercising With Your Pet

One of the best ways to get started with an exercise program and stick to it is to exercise with your pet. And one of the best ways to burn fat, yes fat, is walking. You'll also have a better behaved dog. The more I learn about physiology and how the body uses energy for activity, the more I realize that long moderate bouts of exercise work better at burning fat than all out running. Strange but true, working harder is not the best way to beat the scale.

Another way to benefit yourself and your dog is with yoga or Doga that is designed specifically for dogs. Dogs have a natural affinity for certain yoga moves anyway:
* Chaturanga Pose where dogs lie on their stomachs while someone strokes their back.
* Chair Pose where dogs sit on their hind legs with their front paws in the air while someone holds them from behind.
* Savasana Relaxation Pose where dogs lie on their backs while someone rubs their belly.

How about our feline companions? Indoor cats are the safest cats, but sometimes indoor kitties can pack on the pounds from lack of exercise. Playing with them is not only important for their physical health, it stimulates their minds and improves their connection with you, also. So how can we take advantage their need for exercise? Sometimes, if you have the room, you can encourage your cat to chase you around the house assisted by a piece of string trailing behind you. Or sometimes you can engage your cat in a game of "chase" by hiding from them and then jumping out and chasing them when they discover you. The antics are usually reciprocated unless you've scared the wits out of a timid cat.

Oftentimes any exercises you do on the floor of your home will bring your pets out to investigate at the very least. Make them part of your weightlifting routine, your stretching exercise, or your cool down. Get creative and get active.


Posted by linda at May 20, 2008 6:05 PM

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