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May 22, 2008

I Should Create A Seminar

My mother-in-law is great. Some would describe her as a bit of a character. She claims that when I pull on her head, she feels smarter! That's the power of craniosacral therapy. Anyway, she has a co-worker who has sinus problems. They got talking and my mother-in-law found out that person goes to a massage therapist.

So my mother-in-law proceeds to tell this person how I helped with sinus problems by pushing on places in her face. She says "you should tell your therapist to do that to you." So they did. It turns out they had never heard of the technique, which is simply pressure point therapy for the sinuses. They looked it up in a book and followed the directions and it worked for the person! The therapist did the right thing by their client by calling back the next day and asking how everything was. Upon hearing how well it worked, the therapist is going to make it part of the services they offer their client.

Of course, I offered more than just pressure point therapy in my protocol. I incorporate lymph drainage to encourage fluid movement once the sinuses open up following the pressure point technique. Then I follow-up with craniosacral therapy to soften and loosen the fascia membranes around the eyes, inner ears, jaw and neck so that the therapy lasts.

After hearing that her co-worker got relief for her sinus pain, she told them they should tell their massage therapist to pull on their head. She still believes it makes her smarter. What a character!


Posted by linda at May 22, 2008 6:47 PM

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