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May 29, 2008

This Week's Massage News

Throughout the week I am always coming across interesting articles about massage therapy. I plan to gather these links into a weekly post and share massage therapy news.

Here are this week's interesting links:

How does a 68-year old grandmother celebrate her college graduation? With a massage, of course.

Today, Johnson plans to get her hair and nails done and treat herself to an hourlong massage before she dons her royal blue graduation gown and cap with golden tassels. She hopes to begin paralegal courses this summer at the University of Massachusetts at Boston and go on to law school.

KTIV shares tips for weather-related jointb pain.

The doctor says keeping joints warm, massage therapy, and applying pain killing creams and ointments can help. Dr. Parvizi says, "Sometimes these arthritic pain is due to what we call inflammatory atrophies - like rheumatoid arthritis -- conditions that are treatable and don't necessarily require surgery." There is one other option. Dr. Parvizi says, "Arizona is the best place for arthritic joints." Lillian says as much as she hates the rain, she's not tempted to move.

The Syracuse Post-Standard recommends therapeutic massage for people with sports injuries and chronic pain.

Spa massage has the "ahhhh" quality that everyone can appreciate. Massage therapists say people with injuries, or chronic pain can benefit more from therapeutic massage, targeting their area of concern.

The Boston Globe features an insightful letter to the editor from a massage therapy student in response to the newspaper's recent article, "Spa Sermons."

I am a student at Cortiva Institute Boston. As Frieswick’s article so artfully states, there are many practicing massage therapists who inject their own beliefs, including spirituality, into their practice. In my opinion, that is beyond their scope of practice. Not only am I learning the techniques important to massage therapy, I’m also learning a lot about professional boundaries and ethics. For many, massage can be a spiritual experience in and of itself – without the proselytizing.


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