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August 20, 2008

Alexander Technique

Ah, good ol' F. Matthias Alexander and his postural reeducation program. I was introduced to this movement therapy by my physical therapist following my automobile accident in 1991. I had a problem with slouching which led to other problems like weakness, neck and shoulder pain. My therapist, Claudia Vess, of Bethesda, MD, worked with me for several months. After that time, my posture was greatly improved, as was my capacity for many physical activities which required efficient breathing such as running and cycling.

Now, thanks to research posted on the British Medical Journal Online, the nearly century old movement therapy has passed scientific trials that shows it improves low back pain.

The technique teaches people to move and hold their bodies correctly by using frequently forgotten muscles to aid balance, and avoiding poor posture. It helps people overcome problems, such as hunching over at the desk or while climbing stairs, by making them aware of overusing some muscles and neglecting others.

To find an Alexander Technique teacher near you, go to the American Society for Alexander Technique website or internationally to the Alexander Technique International to find a practitioner in your area.


Posted by linda at August 20, 2008 4:05 PM

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