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August 19, 2008

High Arches

I finally broke down and bought an insert for my shoes. Nothing is more indicative of my aging body than to have to put orthotics in my shoes. In my mind, I'm literally just steps away from those ugly, clunky shoes that elderly people wear.

However, the reality of having researched and purchased an orthotic for my shoes, especially my running shoes, is that repetitive strain injury is finally clearing up. The ortotic is not a perfect fit (I still have just a bit too much give in the arch), but it's supporting me enough that I'm seeing an improvement.

I always thought that having a high arch would protect me from having a lot of problems that I hear people have with their feet. However, having an arch that is too high (and, therefore, a bit inflexible) can set a person up for certain kinds of foot problems. Corns, calluses, plantar fasciitis, claw toes and a tendency toward ankle sprains are among the many disadvantages of having an high arch.


Posted by linda at August 19, 2008 6:55 PM

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