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August 21, 2008

We Got A Wii!

Weeee! We used some play money and invested in a Wii Fit. You may remember that I posted about a physical therapy facilities using the Wii Fit in order to motivate their patients to improve balance and strength through the games provided in the module.

My husband and I had the idea of getting one for a while because of our interest in Yoga. But once I discovered that it was being used therapeutically in PT clinics, the impetus to get one gained momentum. Every week, we would go shopping somewhere, WalMart, Target, on-line, where-ever, and they wouldn't be available. This week they showed up in a local WalMart and now we are down-hill skiing and measuring our BMIs in the comfort of our living room.

Much the way the Nintendo DS Lite measures speed and accuracy of mental function, the technology behind the Wii measures balance and speed to calculate your physical age. Both are humbling devices. Brain Age (which I posted about in October 2007) measured my mental age at 81. With daily practice I quickly improved toward the ideal of age 20. The Wii measured my BMI within the normal range, but my physical age was 8 years older than I really am. With practice, I expect I will improve much the way.


Posted by linda at August 21, 2008 11:29 PM

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