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January 21, 2009

Bags Under The Eyes

Human beauty falls leaf by leaf. You miss the beginning. One tells one, No, I am tired, or The day is bad, that is all. But later, one cannot contradict the mirror . Day by day by day it falls , until this vielle sorciere is all who remains, who uses cosmetician's potions to approximate her birth gift. Oh, people say, 'The old are still beautiful!' They patronize, they flatter, maybe they wish to comfort themselves. But no. Eating the roots of beauty is a snail who has no house.
-- David Mitchell, Black Swan Green

This is the most eloquent descriptor of the process of aging I have found because I find it is happening to me. Day by day, I awake to discover another gray hair or that I look tired. I attribute it to a bad night, or unfortunate lighting that makes me look like I have bags under my eyes. The truth is, I do have bags under my eyes and they make me look older. This unfortunate characteristic is apparently genetic, as my Dad had these also.

So, what causes bags under the eyes? They are pockets of protective fat under the lower eyelid supported by little ligaments that are loose. It could also be caused by fluid retention due to a high salt diet, allergies or chronic sinus conditions, or sleep deprivation.

Folks in my lymph drainage classes lined up to get their hands on me to try out their new skills, in a hopes of getting remarkable results by reducing the bags under my eyes. Alas, they went away disappointed, as did I. I have found that an under eye gel that puffs the dent under my bags helps to reduce their appearance temporarily. Alas, I only use that on special occasions because I only have a little of it and it is expensive.

The WebMD article Banish the Bags Under Your Eyes, has the whys and hows of bags and dark circles and what to do about them.


Posted by linda at January 21, 2009 9:37 AM

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