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January 23, 2009

The Common Cold

I broke my streak. After not getting sick for over a year, I acquired the world's mildest head cold this past Monday. I thought I would dodge a bullet, but as luck would have it, my congestion has traveled to my chest and I have a barking cough. I always get this, I think, because I grew up in a smoking household. I've already blogged once this month about the detriment of cigarette smoking on children.

Though I linked to an article about the things people do who don't get sick, it's worth linking to it again. I do most of these things on that list (though obviously I have some gaps in my arsenal). I blame our new neighbors across the hall from us. They smoke heavily and the smoke comes across the hall and under our door. I'm horribly allergic and my throat and sinuses have been irritated since they moved in. Though I managed to put up with smoke for years with friends who smoked and bar hopping in my youth, I'm not happy to have cigarette smoke invading my home.

Okay, enough about that. Here's a funny aside. I went to buy cold medicine at the local pharmacy. I had to show my ID to the attendant behind the pharmacy counter and they refused to sell me the medication because my driver's license expired two weeks ago. Hmph! Even the state gives you 30 days to renew without penalty! But we're dealing with the Federal Government here. I guess I looked and sounded like a meth manufacturer, what with the congestion and all. It's sort of like Homeland Security searching my mother's luggage after 9/11: "Keeping the world safe from terrorist grandmothers!" The good news: I was able to get my driver's license renewed that afternoon with no waiting. Some things were on my side that day. What I learned: If you feel like crap, maybe your driver's license picture will look decent.

PS: Happy Birthday, Dad, somewhere up in heaven.


Posted by linda at January 23, 2009 6:51 PM

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