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May 13, 2009

Contest - Win the Book, "Normal at Any Cost"

Every day, our mailbox is filled with books for my husband to feature on his music and literature blog, Largehearted Boy. Occasionally, a health book is sent his way and he passes it on to me. This week, with the dual purpose of giving back to my readers and clearing up the clutter around the house, I am giving away one of these books.

Normal at Any Cost: Tall Girls, Short Boys, and the Medical Industry's Quest to Manipulate Height is a fascinating look at the medical community's attempts to regulate height among children through the ages.

Publishers Weekly wrote of the book:

"Science journalist Cohen and Cosgrove, a WebMD contributor, offer an emotionally charged indictment of the medical-pharmaceutical complex centered on efforts to control height (making boys taller, girls shorter) in otherwise normal, healthy children. Reviewing five decades of such efforts, such as in the 1950s with the administration of estrogen to stunt tall girls' growth, the authors take to task pediatric endocrinologists, drug companies and the parents who bring their children for treatment. This history is meant as a cautionary tale, and Cohen and Cosgrove raise all the right questions: when do we cross the line from treating disease to satisfying desires for perfection? can the exorbitant cost of growth hormone therapy be justified in an otherwise inadequate health system? do drug companies distort the practice of medicine? does government adequately protect the public? Because it can take decades for the ill effects of treatment to emerge, this account can only raise questions about possible threats from current practices. Fortunately, the treatments much of the book is devoted to are no longer in use."

To enter the contest, please leave a comment with your favorite health book (a novel with a medical theme, a textbook, a cookbook, self-help book, even bodywork tomes, whatever you have enjoyed most).

The winner will be chosen randomly at midnight, Sunday, May 17t, and hopefully I can start another contest then.


Posted by linda at May 13, 2009 5:09 PM

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