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October 28, 2009

Best Careers of 2009

Okay, this is a little bit late, but my husband found a site for the best careers of 2009. US News and World Report picked the 30 best careers to have based upon 5 election criteria:

1. Job outlook
2. Average job satisfaction
3. Difficulty of the required training
4. Prestige
5. Pay

In a similar survey by the Wall Street Journal's Career Journal, physical therapy rated one of the eight best careers. Physical therapy was included in this year's list because 2 national surveys indicated a high rate of job satisfaction and prospects for employment are slated to improve as the baby boomers age.

If you're a science- and helping-oriented person, fascinated with the human body, and have an optimistic personality, a physical therapy career may heal your career pains.

Read about physical therapy from "a day in the life of . . . " perspective:

You might treat, for example, a brain-injured child, a football player who broke his arm, an Iraq War veteran amputee, and an aged stroke patient.

One of the main drawbacks noted was the level of training requiremented. It wasn't long ago that the minimum educational requirement was a bachelor's degree, but the minimum is now a master's degree. And in most places, in line with the APTA's Vision 2020, the minimum education requirements is a three-year doctor of physical therapy, which is what I have been describing in this blog for the past two years. After November 2, 2009 (assuming that I pass all of my finals), I will finally be a third year physical student.


Posted by linda at October 28, 2009 3:17 PM

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