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December 31, 2009

Resolution Success Tips

It seems that so many articles that I've come across this past week are about New Year's Resolutions. If you've watched any television over the past two to three weeks, you've noticed that smoking cessation ads abound. So when I read this e-mail that Chicago Healers sent me, I decided that I liked what it had to say about making New Year's Resolutions a success.

With the beginning of the year comes an opportunity for a new start including resolutions and intentions for change. The Law of Attraction states that like-energies attract one another. This law can be utilized when fine tuning intentions for the New Year. Practitioner Dr. Helen Lee offers these suggestions for enhancing resolution success:

1. Positive Resolutions: Make your resolution/intention positive rather than negative. For example, instead of “Lose weight”, create an intention to increase health and focus on specific actions that would do so.
2. Picture It: Create a clear picture of how you would look living your intention. The more colorful, detailed and brilliant the better. Try creating a vision board, which is a collection of actual pictures cut from magazines or clear visual in the mind.
3. Feel It: Know how would you FEEL if the intention were to come true. For example, "If I were at my ideal weight I would be happier."
4. Ignite the Feeling: Ignite your feeling (ex. happiness) whenever you can but especially when you are doing something health enhancing or when you are visualizing your intention. In other words just Practice Feeling Happy for no reason or ANY reason--just because you decide it!
5. Don’t Punish!: Practice grace & unconditional love towards yourself when your choices don't support your intention and then choose again.
6. Reward: Reward & praise yourself with every movement/practice that supports your intention.
(What a perfect opportunity to give yourself the gift of a massage.)
7. Be Grateful: Be grateful for your intention as if it were already manifested! This helps us stay out of "want--don't have" energy and utilizes the energy of gratitude & trust--"it's already in motion and on it's way!".
8. Get Ready: Make sure to get balanced/adjusted for your intentions!

I stopped making New Year's Resolutions many years ago: I decided once that I needed to change everything about myself (a sure recipe for failure). By the middle of February, when I had given up on all of my resolutions, I dreamed that I had given birth to 100 stillborn kittens. Cats have always been symbolic of my inner self and when I am surrounded by them in my dreams I feel very happy. The loss struck me as tragic. I now make it a point to utilize the above steps for positive change in my life, but I no longer pick the start of the year as my day to change. Change can occur any day of the year that you choose. Just make sure you visualize your success and have a plan of action before you begin.


Posted by linda at December 31, 2009 4:21 PM

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