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January 14, 2010

Offering Support Can Yeild a Niche Market

A stroke support groups in Reading, UK is meeting for the first time. They will exchange coping strategies, tips and tricks for managing their symptoms. It really helps people to realize they are not alone on the road to recovery.

10 year stroke survivor, Chris Goodall, offers the following encouragement:

I am still suffering some of the effects but month by month I do something that is a little achievement, like buttoning with my left hand because my right hand is dead. I still get out quite a bit and I would say to anyone who has had a stroke to try and do some exercise because it really helps.

The initial meeting will offer mini-Tai Chi and seated exercise routines, Indian head massage, and mini beauty and physiotherapy massages.

If you're looking to develop a niche practice, this a great way to target a population of people who could really use your help.It doesn't have to be stroke survivors, it could be any group of people who are dealing with a condition or situation that is stressful. Make it a cause close to your heart, such as something you have seen a family member experience or something you have some knowledge about or are interested in gaining knowledge about. People are always looking for "experts" to help address their situation.


Posted by linda at January 14, 2010 9:02 AM

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