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April 22, 2010

A Desk For People With Low Back Pain

You can sit, you can stand. The point is that you can move, and that is crucial for people with low back conditions who cannot stay in one position for long. It could be the answer to reducing the number of disability claims and get people back to work: The adjustable desk.

But this nifty invention, by a guy who hurt his back in an inner-tube accident, is helpful not only for people with back conditions, but for all workers. It turns out that this desk helps people stay productive, creative, and healthier.

After a few days of warming up, I settled into a pleasant sit/stand routine. If I had to write an article, I’d remain standing for most of the day. But if I was planning to spend a lot of time on tasks that required less creative focus — surfing the Web, making phone calls, watching online videos — I’d usually switch back to sitting.

A user of the adjustable desk found that he got hungry more often using his sit-to-stand desk. We burn more calories when we stand. Medical research has found that people who stand at work tend to be much healthier than those who sit. So maybe we could all benefit by switching to a standing desk.

Posted by linda at April 22, 2010 8:20 AM

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