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April 26, 2010

A Different Kind of Body Work

Well, I'm back in the classroom tomorrow. I'm there for a month studying professional development and a myriad of PT related topics including caring for patients with cancer. Lots of time is set aside for independent study, which if it's anything like the past three semesters, means lots of group projects. At this point in our education, much of our learning is intended to be self-directed.

So I've had the past week off in order to allow my colleagues (I call them that now because of the shift in our experience) to move back from their out-of-town internships. I, having had the luxury of staying put, took the extra time to attend to some vehicle maintenance.

In the past couple of weeks, we experienced a sound coming from the engine of my 20 year old Toyota. It sounded like a sports car had landed in there and accompanied us for a couple of blocks before the sound stopped. No change in power or engine temperature occurred. In fact, it only happened twice over a two week period making me believe I had been imagining things or had attributed the sound of a neighboring vehicle to my own.

A call to the mechanic and something about a "fan clutch" found me in their office for a morning with a book of Sudoku puzzles as I giggled my way through William Alexander's 52 Loaves: One man's relentless pursuit of truth, meaning, and a perfect crust. A broken bolt and decision to fix it right, along with a maintenance overhaul that we'd been putting off, lead to a major mechanical repair. I don't mind, really. For the cost of a couple of car payments, I get peace of mind that my vehicle will run fine for another 130 thousand miles.

So my week has been a dance of communication with the mechanic trying to get cost estimates, diagnosis, times we can pick it up, coordinating David's work schedule with getting the rental car back, etc. Unfortunately, when we got our truck back, it sounded like a diesel. Something was not quite right, so we left it with them to fix the noise problem for another day. When we got it back, the noise problem improved but is not gone. Somewhere in there sounds like a toy monkey with a drum. We've been reassured that the sound will not hurt the engine. We're to drive it for a couple of weeks and then bring it back for an adjustment. And the dance continues . . . .

Posted by linda at April 26, 2010 7:59 AM

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