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April 30, 2010

Back In The Classroom

It's hard to sit in a classroom after having been in the clinic for the past three months. It requires a different kind of stamina. So at this stage of my program, we are in our capstone classes (I didn't realize I was building a pyramid).

Issues that we are covering at this stage in our education include insurance billing, CPT codes, and medicare regulations. We are also examining characteristics that separate a novice practitioner from an expert. Along this same vein, it's time to examine our future in the profession, where we see ourselves in 5 years and how we can grow ourselves as practitioners. This includes choosing continuing education courses, getting advanced certification, participating in a fellowships or residency. Frankly, the idea of more school does not appeal to me right now -- I'm so ready for my life to get back to normal.

We are also looking at professional association issues and how we can get involved to make change, engaging in letter campaigns and debates. This probably holds the least amount of interest for me, but is very important to the profession. For example, spending caps are a constant issue. Letter campaigns help the therapists that go to Washington lobby for extended coverage until the next vote goes up. This will affect wheat we get paid once we get out into the field. We're also learning about the changing landscape of health care and how health care reform will impact how we practice.

So, there is a lot on the table for just three and a half weeks of classroom time. Then, starting June 1, I'm off to my second full-time clinical rotation.

Posted by linda at April 30, 2010 8:01 AM

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