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April 21, 2010

The Ill-Effects of Sugar

Everyone knows that excess sugar consumption is bad for your health. Mercola.com is a website developed by a family doctor that is designed to educate people about general health.

The site takes up virtually all of my time and I had to stop seeing patients in 2005 so I can pursue my passion of educating the public about health truths so hundreds of thousands of people don't have to die prematurely every year because of multinational corporations that put profits ahead of serving their customers..

Be aware that Dr. Mercola does not state where he went to medical school and tends to use emotionally charged language to prove his points.

However, I do believe that much of the information he provides is useful. In this particular article he discusses sugars, their chemical structure and properties, and how they are utilized in the body. He also discusses the break down of sugars, their by-products and the effects these have on body structures.

I also read his article about aspartame, the artificial sweetener found most commonly in diet sodas. Again, inflammatory comments and no references for where he got his information makes me cautious about the information provided by this author. However, I will let my readers decide for themselves what they choose to believe and act accordingly based upon their principles.

Posted by linda at April 21, 2010 8:25 AM

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