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July 19, 2010

Medical Graphic Novels

The Guardian Science Blog shares a list of its favorite medical graphic novels, and discusses medicine in comics in another article.

A couple of weeks ago, my husband shared a list of books he recommends to healthcare workers, and one of two books appear on both his list and that of the Guardian, David B.'s Epileptic and David Small's Stitches.

I have just started Epileptic, and find it an incredibly visual perspective of living with a sibling who has epilepsy. I was riveted by Stitches. The book is much more than a medical history, and Small's portrayal of his own personal history in words and pictures captures his life perfectly.

Aside from newspaper comic strips, I have to admit rarely reading comics as an adult. When my husband started discovering graphic novels, he would occasionally share ones he though I might like. Comics deliver their content both visually and verbally, and can be effective tools to learn about health issues, especially from the perspective of the patient.

Posted by linda at July 19, 2010 3:25 PM

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