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January 24, 2011

Searching for a Job

I started searching for a physical therapy job back in October before I had graduated from school. My search was not in earnest at that point -- I had my eye on a position at a VA hospital in the Bronx found at http://jobsearch.usajobs.gov. By the end of the year, when I was undertaking my job search more seriously, this position was gone.

Relocating to New York played a large part in my success, or lack thereof, in garnering interest in my job search. People are interested in seeing a warm body in front of them. This is understandable considering that someone could say they are interested in relocating, but actually never do. When we look at professional positions that require licensure, many are also not likely to bite until you have that license in hand.

This has led to my other challenge. Applying for a license in New York requires that I have a New York address. I did not have this until late in December (which may explain for some my lack of blog entries since November). Landlords are reluctant to rent to people who don't have a job, making the acquisition of an address a bit of trick!

Thankfully, we have successfully relocated our belongings, animals, and ourselves to our new dwelling. And, in fact, as of yesterday, I finally got the last of my belongings (you know, those last 6 odd boxes of stuff you don't know what to do with, but don't want to part with) sequestered away.

However, amid the mess and the chaos and boxes, I had my laptop on top of a pile of papers on my unusable kitchen table trolling the internet for jobs. Every morning I searched Craig's List, the state branch of my professional organization, Monster.com, and the local newspaper for jobs.

Then I hit the road with resumes and cover letter in hand and visited clinics within walking distance from my house. Because I'm looking for a position in a hospital, I'm not putting these people on the spot, hopefully preventing rejection early in my job hunt. I asked to speak to a therapist, and if they were not available, I leave my literature with the front desk. I explain that I am looking for leads to a job in a local hospitals and a request the receptionist share my information with their therapists.

During this leg work, I did get to speak with a real live therapist. She was able to give me the names and numbers of a couple of hospitals. She also gave me the name of another search engine that is more directly linked to health care: Advance for Health Care Jobs. This was great, as it opened up a whole new batch of jobs to search through. I took the opportunity to get her unbiased opinion about my resume and cover letter and interview skills.

I hope my experience helps others who are looking for ideas for finding a job. If you have any successful tips, please feel free to share them here in the comment field.

Posted by linda at January 24, 2011 8:22 AM

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