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August 27, 2012

A New Role For Dieticians at the Front Line of Consumer Choices

Many of the people who seek out the dietician do so under their doctor's recommendations. A diagnosis of diabetes, high cholesterol, gluten intolerance requires a change in the way that people eat. And, since dieticians are MDs, they are knowledgeable about these conditions and the havoc they can wreak on the body and people's health.

Finally, we're getting smarter about preventive medicine. Some supermarket chains are hiring dieticians to work with customers, helping them make better food choices. They help put together menus, assist with shopping, and help customers interpret food labels. Other services they offer are monitoring cholesterol, heart rate, weight and other biometrics.

This is a win/win/win situation, not only for consumers, but also offers a front line option of preventive medicine for dieticians. Supermarkets find that is good business to offer value added benefits that will encourage people to shop in their stores.

“Like almost all of us, I started out in a hospital, but I switched because I wanted to talk to people about what they were eating before they got sick,” said Shari Steinbach, the lead dietitian at Meijer.

Even better is the results that the consumer is reaping. Significant health benefits can be seen in just eight weeks when we change what we eat. Food really is medicine.

Posted by linda at August 27, 2012 6:17 AM

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