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August 6, 2012

Fit Children Make Better Grades

Here's another piece of the puzzle that upholds the mind/body connection: Children who are more physically active make better scores on standardized tests. This finding, presented in a recent study at the American Psychological Association, examines about 1200 middle school children in Texas.

After accounting for factors such as age, sex, family income and self-esteem, the researchers found that for both boys and girls, higher levels of cardiorespiratory fitness predicted better scores on both the math and reading tests.

This supports further justification for parents to get their kids off the sofa and out of the house to do something, anything, that gets the blood moving. My mother's strategy to "get us out from under foot" was to threaten to put us to work. Granted, I was raised in a different era, when "helicopter parenting" wasn't a requirement, where children were unleashed upon the neighborhood and told to "watch out for snakes if you go down to the creek." There's no better feeling than being rousted out of the house into a bright summer morning to engage in a day of freedom and exploration - it's called wellness.

Posted by linda at August 6, 2012 5:28 AM

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