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October 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Fingertips

Fingertips turns 9 years old today. I started this blog on my own birthday so the date would be easy to remember. It only makes sense that as my blog ages and I age, that the content changes with me and my life experience. What started out as a massage therapy blog has morphed over the years into a wellness blog which also followed my transition from massage therapist to physical therapist.

One of the many roles that physical therapists play (and that all clinicians should play) is the promoter of prevention, health promotion, and wellness. My physical therapy school is even providing a certificate program on this topic for physical and occupational therapists. If interested, check out UAB's online graduate certificate in health focused patient/client management for physical and occupational therapists.

What am I doing, personally, to improve myself and my blog? Following my transition into a new career, I've let a few things go with regard to my personal health, and feel a need to make a change. Now that I've settled in and become a bit more comfortable with my new routine, my body has been nagging me to pay attention to it. Every morning I wake up stiff and poorly rested (thanks in some part to my neurotic black cat), despite a busy and physically demanding job. I know, that in order to take of myself and maintain fitness for my job that I need to implement some changes in my daily/weekly routine with the incorporation of weight-bearing exercise and stretching.

To help with that endeavor, my husband, has bought a series of yoga classes at a positively reviewed open yoga studio for my birthday. Second, we are finally buying a new bed - the slatted frame was delivered this past week and we will put a new mattress in place by Monday. And finally, it's time to dust off the dumbbells stored underneath the bedroom chair and begin with light exercises that I teach my patients every day.

Now I just need a tranquilizer for the cat.

Posted by linda at October 13, 2012 8:54 AM

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