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March 8, 2015

4 Week Training Schedule for Half Marathon

After a winter of working 10 hour days where I get up in the dark, come home in the dark, and have little desire to exercise in the cold and the wet, I feel horribly out of shape. So I decided to start training, in spirit, with my sister for a half marathon. I'm not running that dog, just training for it.

This is a mission of love, because, frankly, I hate to run. But she needs to train and she needs a cheerleader and I need to get back into shape. So here is the training schedule:

Monday: Complete rest or cross training (45 to 60 minutes at an easy to moderate effort)
Tuesday: 3 to 4 miles easy running
Wednesday: 6 to 7 miles easy running*
Thursday: Off day or 3 to 4 miles easy running
Friday: Cross training (45 to 60 minutes at an easy to moderate effort)
Saturday: 3 to 4 miles easy running**
Sunday: Long run! (Starting at 7 to 8 miles, increasing by one mile each week, up to 10 to 11 miles the Sunday before the race)

*5 to 6 miles during week one, and 3 to 4 during week four. Andrew suggested dropping this if I was feeling intimidated or overwhelmed by the mileage.
**2 miles easy running during week four (aka the day before the race).

Yep. That's a 4 week training schedule because SOMEBODY procrastinated!

Posted by linda at March 8, 2015 7:09 PM

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