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March 10, 2015

Half Marathon Training: What to Eat Before You Run

Okay, I woke up sore today. Basically everything from the waist up is sore. And that's okay, it feels like I've done something. And the good news is that the 7 minute cross training workout is not too much for my legs. So, I'm ready to run.

I begin with a warm-up of walking: up hill. That gets the blood pumping a little. Then I alternate running and walking so I can actually get through 3 miles of "easy running." Ha! The only easy running for me is down hills. My endurance stinks. It's not so much the breathlessness and elevated heart rate, it's that I'm literally running out of energy.

What did I do run. I ran on empty. It didn't take much distance actually running before my knees started to knock. Live and learn. So what do the experts recommend that we eat before running and how far in advance so that there is no cramping?

I'm surprised by the answer. No high fiber food, which is my usual breakfast of nuts and seeds. Instead they suggest a banana and greek yogurt, followed by a half hour break to let the food get down into the digestive tract. So the next day when I went on my run, I ate a banana. I didn't have any greek yogurt yet, so I made the supermarket my destination (and my rest break). My intent was to run 4 miles despite the training guide's suggested 6, because I didn't believe I was ready to go that far. By going the long route to the store, I ran a total of 5 miles! And this run was much easier than the first one because I had adequate nutrition!! Lesson learned.

Posted by linda at March 10, 2015 10:09 AM

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