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March 20, 2015

Stymied By Re-injury

I've been training for a half marathon, and worked my way into an overuse injury of the adductor muscles on the inner thigh. After following instructions for rest, ice, stretching, and massage, I've started feeling better. I also began to incorporate strengthening exercises and everything seemed to going on track and I was ready to begin some easy running.

But first, I had errands to run, because, after all, life gets in the way. And it was in the supermarket, lifting a 26 lb box of cat litter into a shopping cart, that my right psoas went into spasm. I usually find cat litter in 20 lb boxes - what a difference 6 lbs can make! If I had been forced to lift the box from the floor rather than from a hip-height shelf, I probably would have squared my body better.

So rather than begin a light running program and return to training, I continued to rest. And I continued to stretch. And I used my foam roller to continue to work out my hamstrings, and IT band, and quads. And I continued my pelvic strengthening exercises. What I noticed was the sore spots were different on both sides of my body, like I was stretching and strengthening two different people. My pelvis remained out of alignment, and the last thing I needed to do was strengthen my body to reinforce and aberrant and out-of-balance pattern of support.

So I sought the help of a chiropractor. Why would a PT utilize the services of a chiropractor?? Why would an orthopedic surgeon I know recommend chiropractic for his back patients? Because chiropractic care has it's place in spectrum of health and wellness. If soft tissue manipulation and exercise do not correct a bony misalignment, then a chiropractor or well-trained PT are indicated. Frankly, a chiropractor may be quicker and cheaper. And if a patient is contemplating back surgery, wouldn't it make sense to exhaust all non-invasive options (with the blessings of your surgeon)?

So, lo and behold, it took 2 sessions, and my pelvis is back into alignment enough that I can do the pelvic stabilization test with increased steadiness. And I can perform my strengthening exercise with equal exertion on both sides of my body. And my muscles exhibit tension and tenderness in consistent locations on the left and right sides. And light running no longer hurts.

Posted by linda at March 20, 2015 6:26 AM

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