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April 4, 2015

Pathfinders Study at Duke

I was watching TV the other night, anticipating the 3 part series titled: Cancer, The Emperor of all Maladies, when another show preceded that one. Having recently worked a temporary position at a Duke Hospital, I was interested to hear about a pioneering study being done there called Pathfinders.

The Pathfinders program is designed to address the mind, body and spiritual needs of each individual patient.

Not only did this study explore the psychosocial aspects of living with a cancer diagnosis, they have holistic approach which puts the humanity back into medicine, that is often lost when a person becomes someone with a cancer to treat.

Included with the Pathfinders Program are the 7 pillars to personal recovery: hope, balance, inner strengths, self care, support, spirit, life review. And it occurred to me by watching this show, that the pillars could be applied not only to illness, but to addiction, injury, divorce, loss of a child or job, or any number of life crisis.

Posted by linda at April 4, 2015 6:32 AM

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